Neige & Glace

Arctic thrills in snow and ice

Imagine yourself behind the wheel, sailing with precision and brilliance in the icy expanses of Lapland. The Neige & Glace watch captures the essence of this exciting experience, combining style with the spirit of adventure.

Frosty Elegance

The Neige & Glace, a variation of the Superleggera, reveals itself in a duality of sophistication. With a polished and brushed steel case, this watch embodies mechanical elegance.

The white “Clous de Paris” dial brings a bright light to this composition, evoking the purity of snowy landscapes.

Its large spinning steel brake disc, accompanied by its red caliper, emphasizes the dynamic spirit of the Snow & Ice, bringing a touch of automotive passion.

technical data

  • Engine: Automatic calibre AB-S 200
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Frame: Carbon bezels, carbon-coated 316L steel case
  • Exhaust: Swiss anchor
  • Harness: AB-NACA wide rubber wristband
  • Windshield: Glareproofed sapphire glass
  • engine speed: 28 800 a/h
  • Power reserve: 42 Hours
  • weight: 202 Gr
  • Waterproofing: 10 ATM
  • Diameter : 46 mm
  • thickness : 18.6 mm
  • Numbered Limited edition: 1/88

Red Sport or Frosted Blue: Two Faces of Snow & Ice

Explore Neige & Glace in two distinct expressions, each capturing the spirit of winter driving with a unique aesthetic.

Opt for the sporty elegance of the white and red model, where the polished steel case shines alongside a white Clous de Paris dial, accentuated by the dynamism of the large steel brake disc and its red caliper.

For subtle sophistication, choose the frosted white and blue model, where the blue stirrup evokes the serenity of snowy landscapes, creating a harmonious alliance with the immaculate dial. Two styles, the same spirit of lightness and performance, for an unforgettable winter experience.

superleggera’s editions

FIVE 5tars

superleggera neige et glace


carbon finish

superleggera neige et glace