Ange Barde DNA

Deeply rooted in the history of motorsport, the Ange Barde DNA manifests itself in every detail of our watch designs.

Our watches incorporate emblematic motorsport elements, such as the spinning brake disc that indicates the seconds. This unique detail evokes the precision mechanics and performance of racing cars.

The chronograph buttons are modelled on the pedals of a racing car. Their ergonomic design ensures precise, responsive handling, reminiscent of the control and mastery needed on the track. This unique touch reinforces the sporty character and automotive heritage of our creations.

The distinctive shape of racing car mirrors is elegantly integrated around the crown of our watches. This finely crafted design detail is reminiscent of the precision and aerodynamics essential to motorsport. In addition to adding a unique aesthetic touch, this shape ensures an ergonomic and protective grip on the crown, reinforcing the spirit of competition and innovation that characterizes every Ange Barde watch.

The oscillating weight of our watches takes the shape of a famous racing car rim, a direct tribute to the world of high performance. In addition to being visually captivating to observe, this sophisticated detail reflects the power and elegance of racing car wheels.

The iconic Ange Barde bracelet, with its imprint inspired by racing tires, is a true tribute to the automotive world. Every curve and pattern of the bracelet recalls the precision and grip needed on the racetrack.

Find out even more about the design that makes Ange Barde watches unique in this film.