Chronograph with power reserve on dial

With the Centenario, Ange Barde pays tribute to the world’s most famous race. Precision, reliability and endurance are the qualities combined in this exceptional timepiece.

Watchmaking excellence captured in our iconic Centenario Chronograph. Every detail of this watch is a celebration of motor sports heritage, capturing the essence of competition with every tick.

Its case, meticulously crafted from 316L steel, recalls the power of racing cars, while the dial, with its dynamic chronograph counters, offers uncompromising precision.

Subtle touches, such as the brake disc scrolling in its caliper, add authenticity, reminding us of the emblematic elements of racing cars. Powered by a leading-edge automatic movement, the Centenario combines performance and aesthetics, creating an unparalleled watchmaking experience.

Each watch in this limited collection reflects a passion for speed and exceptional craftsmanship, making the Centenario Chronograph much more than a watch – it’s a masterpiece that celebrates the heritage of motor racing at every turn.

automatic mechanism


simply complex

Trotteuse, chronograph 60 sec – 30 min – 12h, power reserve 48h


power reserve

The Centenario Chronograph’s 48-hour power reserve is ingeniously displayed on the dial, similar to a fuel gauge. This feature, both practical and aesthetic, offers a visual overview of your watch’s energy level, adding a dynamic and distinctive touch to the design, in perfect harmony with the motor racing spirit.


The Centenario’s dial features a carbon base. The chronograph displays the seconds hand and two subdials, 30-minute and 12-hour, on a black base surrounded by polished steel.

The trotteuse is represented by a brake disc in its caliper, adding a mechanical dimension to the composition.

A final sub-dial simulates the power reserve in the form of a fuel gauge, once again paying homage to the automobile and adding a practical touch to this dial that combines functionality and aesthetics.

Technical specifications

  • Engine : Automatic Calibre 7750 SOPROD / SOP 7750RM3H
  • Transmission : Sequential automatic
  • Frame : Carbon bezels, carbon-coated 316L steel case
  • exhaust : Swiss anchor
  • Harness : AB-NACA wide rubber wristband
  • Wind shield: Glareproofed sapphire glass
  • engine speed: 28 800 a/h
  • Power reserve : 48 Heures
  • weight : – Gr
  • Waterproofing : 10 ATM
  • Diameter : 46 mm
  • thickness : 15,55 mm
  • Numbered Limited edition : 88 pieces

Inimitable Ange Barde style

Wearing the Centeniario watch means embracing a style that suggests speed and elegance, whether on the racetrack or in everyday life. Inspired by the aerodynamics of racing cars, it becomes an assertive accessory on the asphalt, while adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfit. A stylish companion that celebrates the perfect alliance between a passion for speed and refined aesthetics.